Compliance With Code

Any violations of the Code shall be promptly reported to the Head of HR or the Compliance Officer

Policy Against Insider Trading

Insider trading is prohibited by both Law as well as by the company policy. Insider trading generally involves the act of subscribing or buying of the company's securities, when in the possession of any unpublished Price sensitive Information about the company. It also involves disclosing any unpublished price sensitive information about the company to others who could subscribe or buy or sell the company's securities.


Intellectual Property Rights

It shall be the duty of every employee to indent and protect the intellectual properties, trade secrets and other confidential information owned by the company and its clients or associates because it is critical to our success. By Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), we mean generally patented or potentially patentable inventions, trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrightable subject matter and other trade secrets.