Founding Member

The Founder, Mr. B. D. Topiwala, who is a legend in the Indian Cosmetic industry had an extremely humble beginning went on to create the empire that we know as Paramount Cosmetics (I) Ltd today. On completion of his matriculation in Mumbai (then Bombay), he started his career with a well known soft drink company in the city as he could not continue his studies due to lack of funds. Mr. Topiwala was a highly talented individual who had set very high goals in life. And sure enough, he had the tenacity to achieve them.

He realized it early in life, that to reach the top it was necessary to either further your education or be an entrepreneur. The former was not possible so the latter was his only choice. With only Rs.100 in his pocket while he was still on the job and with the permission of his employer, he started his entrepreneurship career.

His greatest source of inspiration was from his very own family, his niece, who used to dress up for hours. He was fascinated with the idea of her trying to apply small dots around her red bindi using white colour. This encouraged him to do a market survey. He discovered that water colours which were available in collapsible tubes were used as bindis. The red kumkum, though available, lacked quality. And voila, he realized there's a huge market to be tapped.

His past experience and desire to create a quality product built the platform for Paramount. He was a forward thinking personality and did his own market research and he realized that his products were sold primarily due to quality. He realized the market potential was high for creating a brand in the unorganized sector dominated by home made products. He rose to the occasion and the rest is history. A legend was born.

He, in his rich career span, created many successful products in the cosmetic category - from traditional to western cosmetics to the range of men's products. But he always had his own way and style in introducing the products in the market that made each and every product a success story in a MNC dominated market. He was, by far, ahead of his peers as he was the only one instrumental in launching innovative and new products to the Indian consumers. His sheer perseverance, dedication and understanding of market allowed him to create products that have become a household name and a must for each and every woman in modern India today.