Shilpa as a brand stands for purity. Not just in its ingredients, but innovation as well. Formulated with skin friendly ingredients and natural extracts, each Shilpa Product is class apart. Shilpa's wide range of products include Sticker Bindis to Kumkums,Sindoor and Kajal.

Shilpa Sticker Bindis are known for their unique anti-bacterial Adhesive with DUIB, which prevents bacterial build-up and skin allergies that occur from sticking it on any other surface and then reusing it. Shilpa Kajal has Vitamin A and D that acts as an antioxidant; other special ingredients help it produce dark color pay off and make it smudge free. Vibrant, delightful and lively, Shilpa Kumkums capture the essence of an Indian woman the way she wants. Shilpa Sindoor in liquid and powder format is available in never before pearlized shade.